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Zest Landing Page on Your Website

Zest is a pretty new way to send an online gift, and you may have shoppers scratching their head when they start seeing it pop up around your store.

Get ahead of the questions and proactively educate your gifters and giftees by adding a dedicated landing page to your website.

Adding this static landing page increases consumer confidence and trust, and it frees up your support squad from answering, "What is Zest???" again and again.

What to include in this landing page:

A summary of Zest as your gifting solution.
Steps explaining how to send a gift with Zest.
Key Zest benefits, e.g., no addresses needed, gift notes, instant sending, etc.
An FAQ section to anser shopper questions.
A link to your gifting portal.

Where to place this page?

We recommend the URL, and adding a link to this page in your footer with the title "What is Zest?"

Make the link to this page different than your link to your Zest gifting portal.

Sample Website Landing Page

Website Landing Page Wireframe

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Pick Parts of This Page to Use

Website Landing Page Header Image
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Website Landing Page How-to
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Website Landing Page FAQs
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Updated on: 21/12/2022

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