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Social Media Marketing

Zest Social Media Marketing

Gifting and social media go together like Tom and MySpace. Giving a gift has sharing baked into it, just like social media. This is a great place to drive Zest gifting awareness, bring traffic to your gifting hub, feature gifter or giftee testimonials, and more. It's also prime real estate for short how-to or demo GIFs. Let your imagination run rampant when it comes to leveraging gifting on your social channels, but if you need a hand to get started, check out our ideas here (and swipe the copy to use or customize).

What to include in your social media posts:

At least one Zest gifting benefit
A link to your gifting hub
Feature your hottest gift
Toss in some testimonials
Record a short video or GIF of the customer experience

Social Media Messaging

Social Media Messaging

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Updated on: 19/12/2022

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