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Refunding Gifts

Refunding gifts

Sometimes, brands will need to cancel orders and refund gifts. Depending on whether or not the gift was accepted, there are two paths to go about this. In all cases, refunds can take a few business days to return to the customer's account.

Refunding outstanding e-gifts

Zest sends 3 emails to e-gift recipients—a gift notification, a reminder 24 hours after, and a reminder 1 week after. However, sometimes e-gifts are still not accepted by the recipient. If payment was collected for these e-gifts, brands can refund outstanding gifts using the "Refund outstanding gifts" button.

Refund outstanding gifts button

This button can be found on any of the orders on the Partners order page

Refunding entire orders

In the event an entire order needs to be canceled, you can use the "Refund entire order" button on the order page.

Refund entire order button

Please remember, you must cancel orders in Shopify / your ecommerce platform before or after refunding them in Zest. Zest does not auto-cancel orders in Shopify / your ecommerce platform, as we cannot infer the reason for the refund.

Refunding partial orders

In the event an order has a few recipients, but only a select number need to be refunded, you can check the box next to the recipients you need to refund and click "Refund selected."

Refund selected recipients

Again, please note that clicking refund does NOT cancel the order in Shopify / your ecommerce platform.

Refunding arbitrary amounts

If you need to refund an arbitrary amount (e.g. $10 off an order due to a damaged item), you can do so in Stripe. First navigate to the order you want to refund, and click the Stripe button.

From there, you can refund an arbitrary amount.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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