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Pre-selected Gift Links

Using Pre-selected Gift Links

Pre-selected Gift Links are an easy way to create a link that pre-selects a specific gift of your choice at the front of your product listing in your storefronts.

The benefits of a using Pre-selected Gift Links really shine through when it comes to your marketing campaigns. When you want to send gifters to a specific gift and streamline selection process, these using Pre-selected Gift Links save gifters from scrolling and second-guessing.

If a client is asking about a specific gift, send them a link to the URL where it’s already picked so there’s no guessing.
Set up a seasonal marketing campaign where all buttons in an email or links in a social post point straight to your hottest seasonal seller.
Run a limited-time sale on an item and include the preselected link in all your marketing materials.
Anytime you want to pull one product to the top without reorganizing your whole product listing, this is a great solution.

To create a Pre-selected Gift Link:

Go to your Zest Parters portal and click into Storefronts.

Choose the storefront with the product you'd like to create a Pre-selected Gift Link for.

Scroll to the Product Listings section.

Click "Copy Product URL" for the gift you'd like to link to.

Share your Pre-selected Gift Link with clients, paste it as a hyperlink in your communications, or add it as a button in your next marketing email hyping up that product.

Click the "Copy Product URL" to create a Pre-selected Gift Link.

A link is created that shows the specific product pre-selected and first in your storefront.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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