All customers sending gifts via Zest use your standard Shopify checkout and orders flow as usual into your Shopify account. The orders look one of two ways depending on the Zest flow that the gift sender chose.

The gift sender gave the recipient the ability to choose their variant, swap products, and/or enter their own address

For a gift with all this flexibility enabled, you'll see two orders in Shopify for a single gift.

The first order is for a "Zest gift" product. The price of the Zest gift includes shipping and tax based on the recipient's address so that it covers the full price of the gift.

When this first order is paid for, Zest creates a gift card for the full price of the gift and automatically marks the order as fulfilled.

Zest then immediately applies the gift card as the payment method for a second order with the gift products for you to fulfill. This order is associated with a Zest-specific customer record in your Shopify (, and this order is the one that is linked to from the Zest gift dashboard. It also contains a "Paid for by Order" field which contains the ID of the first order.

This mechanism essentially looks like a gift card purchase that is immediately redeemed! Simple as that. It also means that all your tax reporting is accurate, gift recipients get to maintain their privacy, and gift senders get to use express payment methods like Shop Pay (which typically erase their recipients' addresses 😢).

For tips on how to handle returns for these orders, check out our returns and refunds FAQ.

All other gifts
All other gifts look exactly like normal orders to you! You should fulfill them like normal.
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