How to Create a Gift Offer with Zest

If you’re looking for new ways to incentivize gifting across your site, reward your customers, encourage word-of-mouth, and more, creating a gift offer to treat your customers is a great tactic. Let’s show you how to set up a gift offer to fit your goals!

What is a gift offer?

A gift offer is a tool you can use to create unique gifting promotions that inspire and encourage more gifting from customers. When customers redeem an offer, an order is created in your Shopify store. Currently, Zest supports free gift offers which allow you or a customer to send a gift to someone for free.

When you create a custom gift offer and share the link, shoppers who click are sent directly to a gifting landing page instead of to your home page or product pages. This streamlined gifting experience removes friction in the gifting process and drives high conversion rates for your specific offers.

Here are some gifting offer examples for inspiration:

FOMO: A free gift for the first 100 people who click the offer.
BOGO: Buy a product for yourself and get one for free when you send it to a friend.
Loyalty Rewards: As a shop, send free gifts via your offer to gift your most loyal customers a product on the house.

When should I use a gift offer?

Create gift offers for any occasion! From holidays to loyalty promotions, gift offers can be used to drive more gifting from an existing customer to a new recipient or simply to thank your customers for buying with you. Gift offers can be tailored to match practically any event, moment, or goal, including instances like:

Sending loyal customers a free gift as a thank you and to stoke deeper trust and loyalty.
Offering new customers a welcome gift that they can redeem themselves.

Where should I place a gift offer?

When you create a gift offer, you can copy your unique link and place it wherever you see fit! Whether that’s a button placed in an announcement banner at the top of your home page, a dedicated landing page, or a CTA in an email going out to a segment of VIP customers, share in any way you’d like.

Need some gift offer awareness inspiration?

CTA button link in your next holiday email campaign.
Hyperlinked in your welcome email to new customers.
CTA button link in a timed pop-up landing page.
Share with your network on LinkedIn.
Inspire limited-time gifting from an Instagram post.

How do I create a gift offer?

With Zest’s public Shopify app, you have the power to make a gift offer and generate a unique link in just minutes. Let’s see how it’s done:

Step 1: Go to the Gift Offers dashboard.

After installing the public app and logging into Shopify, you should see Zest listed below “Sales Channels” in the left-hand menu. Click on “Zest,” then click on “Gift offers.”

Step 2: Click “Create offer.”

Once you’ve clicked into the Gift Offers dashboard, look for a green “Create gift offer” button near the top right-hand corner of this page. Click it!

Step 3: Set your offer details.

Now is your chance to fill in your gift offer details, including:

Offer name
Product being offered
Usage limits, e.g., number of products available, number of times someone can use the offer, etc.
Gift offer end date

You can always come back and edit the offer details, so don’t worry if you change your mind before sharing the gift link with shoppers. Once your details are set, click “Save.” You will be automatically directed back to the Gift Offers dashboard.

Gift offer tips:
To create a BOGO offer, add this link to an email that automatically sends when someone purchases a product that triggers the promotion. For example, if you want to promote gifting a free candle to a friend when someone purchases for themselves, use your email automation platform to build a sequence that sends the gift link to a customer after they complete the purchase.
To create a gift offer that runs indefinitely, do not select “Set end date.”
Offering a free gift to customers can be a reward for their loyalty, newsletter signup, etc., when creating an offer select “Allow gifters to use the offer on themselves” as an offer usage limit.

Note: When this option is not selected, shoppers will not be able to send special gift offers to themselves. This deters fraudsters from simply sending themselves a bunch of free stuff, and it encourages shoppers to share your brand with others to help spread brand reach and enjoyment.

Step 4: Share the gift offer link.

Find your new offer from your Gift Offers dashboard. To the right of the offer name, status, and usage, you’ll see “Copy link.” Click this link to copy and paste it into your next email campaign or promotion.

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