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How to Change Digital Card Designs

Customizing Your Digital Greeting Cards

The digital greeting cards that accompany every gift delivered via text, email, or link are thoughtful touchpoints that make the gifting moment even more memorable. While gifters have the freedom and flexibility to upload their own images or designs for these cards as part of their gifting experience, we also recommend providing a library of your own designs for people to choose from.

These cards can display your products, echo your brand, get sassy or serious—remember that they're an extension of your entire customer experience, and these cards should feel like they're a seamless part of the story. If you want to create your own library of digital greeting cards, here's how to do it in your Zest portal.

Uploading Card Designs

Your Zest storefront comes outfitted with six default card designs with different sentiments, like gratitude and sympathy. It's a good idea to create a variety of designs that speak to the different reasons your shoppers might gift. It's also a good idea to have some designs ready before major holidays, like Valentine's Day or Christmas.

For many holidays, people start shopping for gifts 2 weeks beforehand. We recommend getting seasonal, holiday, or event-focused designs uploaded to your card library by that time so they can accompany any gifts that are scheduled for later.

The six default card designs by Zest.

To upload your card designs:

Go to your Zest Partners portal and click into Settings.

Scroll down to the Theme & designs section and locate the section labeled "Digital card designs."

Click the "Add" button near the bottom left-hand corner of this section and choose a saved card design from your files.

The "Add" button for uploading digital card designs.

Add a card description, such as "Valentine's Day 2023," and click "Save."

This card design in now saved and ready to add to any of your Main or Custom Storefronts.

Adding a Saved Design to a Storefront

Even though your card design is now a part of your Zest portal, it won't automatically appear in all of your storefronts. You still need to add your design to the storefronts you want it to appear.

If you want to go above and beyond for a corporate client, design a few designs just for them and their goals, then upload those design to their Custom Storefront.

To add a card design to a specific storefront:

Go to your Zest Partners portal and click into Storefronts.

For a design to appear in your Main Storefront, click "Main storefront" at the top of the page, then scroll down to the "Digital Cards" section.

From here you can remove and add card designs for this specific storefront. To add a design from your Zest settings, click "Select digital cards."

Click "Select digital cards" to add a design to your storefront library.

Once clicked, a window will appear displaying all of your uploaded designs that aren't already added to the storefront you're currently customizing. Select which card designs you'd like to add to the storefront, and click "Select."

Your new design/s will appear at the end of your existing designs. To rearrange your designs, click and hold a card design to drag it where you'd like.

Bring seasonal or limited-time designs to the front of your card designs so it's the first thing your gifters see when they start personalizing their digital message.

Selecting a card design and rearranging the order of designs.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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