How to Make Branded Gift Notes

Gift notes are the cherry on top of any gifting experience, and now you can create your own custom designs that gifters can choose from when sending a gift with Zest. Make 'em quirky, branded, emotional, hilarious, or anything in-between. Whatever resonates with your unique shoppers will make this a memorable moment.

Merchant Guidelines for Submitting Custom Gift Notes

A gift note design is selected as part of the first step to sending a gift with Zest. We've designed six fun cards for gifters to choose from, but here's how to add your own:

1. Choose six card designs.
You can choose from the existing designs and your own, but you'll need six designs total. For example, you have three of your own designs and choose three of the default designs to make up your six gift notes. Here's how the six default note designs appear to gifters today:

Gift note designs

2. Specify the order in which you'd like the cards to show up and the occasion for each card.
We've provided six designs for six different occasions, but you are welcome to have more than one design for any gifting event. For example, feel free to have two birthday cards or swap out for six love notes around Valentine's Day.

3. Email your assets to us.
Send your new designs as 960x960 PNGs to We'll add your custom designs and reorder the cards as needed for you.
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