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Gift Swapping

Gift Swapping in Zest

Picking out the perfect present is often one of the hardest parts of gifting. No one wants their recipient to be disappointed by their gift or, worse yet, unable to use the gift because it's the wrong size, type, etc. This stress and indecision is what drives many people to settle for gift cards, despite being dissatisfied with how impersonal they are.

Gift swapping is the ultimate solution for taking the stress off of senders and ensuring recipients may pick exactly what they want. It creates a better gifting experience for all while helping your store stand out from gifting competitors.

Gift Swapping as a Seller

The gift swapping option is automatically offered on your Zest storefront. Products made available for swapping will always be within 10% of the price of the initial gift without exceeding it.


John chooses a $100 gift to send to his team for the holidays. Each employee can choose to swap their gift before accepting. If they choose to swap, they'll be able to pick from any of your Zest gifts priced between $90 and $100—no products priced higher than $100 will be shown as swapping options. This ensures John stays within his gifting budget while still offering flexible options to his happy team.

Gift Swapping as a Gifter

The checkbox for turning on and off the gift swapping option can be found directly below the product catalog.

Gift Swapping on the Zest Storefront

Gift Swapping as a Gift Recipient

When the gifter chooses to keep gift swapping on, gift recipients see a "Swap" button beside the "Accept gift" button. When they click "Swap," they'll be able to browse only the gifts that meet the pricing range.

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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