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Creating Storefront Discounts

Adding Discounts to Your Storefront

There are several types of discounts you can add to your storefront. You can set discounts that span all the items in your storefront or set volume-based discounts where buyers will need to fulfill a set of criteria, either a minimum purchase price or a minimum gift amount, to be eligible for the discount. All discounts are applied immediately on checkout.

Product Discounts

There are two ways you can discount products in your storefront:

a flat discount across all products, or

volume-based discounts that apply to the order total.

These discounts stack on top of each other and on top of shipping discounts.

Types of product discounts.

When you use flat discounts across your storefront, customers will see the original price struck through and the new discounted price in the item itself. You can also exclude products from this discount by checking that option. These discounts are known as product discounts.

Excluding products from product discounts.

When you specify product volume discounts, you can set the criteria for your discount — either a minimum purchase quantity or a minimum gift purchase amount (pre-shipping, pre-tax, but post- any storefront product discounts). This discount will stack on top of the product discounts above. They will also show at the top of your storefront in a yellow banner. You can enter a maximum of three product volume discounts.

Shipping Discounts

You can also set a special shipping price on your storefront. If entered, this will override the default shipping price you've set on your settings page. You can also add volume-based discounts to offer discounted or free shipping when a customers spends a certain amount or buys a certain number of gifts. These discounts stack on top of any product discounts. Volume-based discounts, similar to product volume discounts, will appear in a yellow banner on your storefront. You can enter a maximum of three shipping volume discounts.

Shipping discounts

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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